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A major theme through 2020 is likely to be your changing relationship with money, Sagittarius. The biggest astrological event of the year, the unusual Saturn-Pluto conjunction, takes place January 12 in your money zone, and the effects of this will be felt on and off throughout the rest of 2020. When Saturn and Pluto join forces, the resulting energy is compulsive, protesting and somewhat forced. The changes which come to your finances this year are unlikely to be welcome, at least initially. Bear in mind, however, that all of these changes will be for the good in the long run – but it may not seem that way when you’re caught in the maelstrom.

The year begins with a Lunar Eclipse in your resources zone, swiftly followed days later by the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction, so straight away you’re likely to find that a debt must be repaid or that a source of funding is cut off. January and February may also bring astrological tumult in your love life, Sagittarius, with passionate Mars stirring up intrigue, Venus shifting into your risk zone in February and a Mercury Retrograde in your family zone suggesting that it’s hard to tell the truth to your loved ones about what exactly may be going on.

During the early months of the year, potential conflict in love continues. Although Venus arrives in your love zone in April, offering some calmer waters, the romance planet soon turns Retrograde in May, leaving you questioning exactly where your relationship may be heading. At the same time, Mars arrives in your family zone, so tensions at home may be on the rise. This is likely to come to a head in June, when a Lunar Eclipse in your own sign is followed by a Solar Eclipse in your passion zone. However, Mars’ arrival in your fun zone helps you to re-find the joy and the magic which brought you and your lover together. If you’re single, Sagittarius, the best time for dating is from June onwards, when your happy-go-lucky nature will prove very attractive.

During July, looming financial issues rear up again, as the Sun makes a series of tense oppositions to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Credit may be refused, debts are being chased, and you may not know where your next penny is coming from. The key is to shift your attitude toward money. Instead of worrying about what you haven’t got, be grateful for what you have. In August, once Venus arrives in your resource zone, you’ll be able to rethink what you value, and you’ll figure out that some things in life matter far more than money.

In September, Mars Retrogrades in your fun zone, so be careful not to take leisure pursuits to extremes – stay away from dangerous sports, for instance! Venus moves into your travel zone, so the astrology this month is ideal for a romantic getaway. The last quarter of the year sees a focus on reflection, as you get to grips with a difficult previous nine months. Mercury Retrograde in your privacy zone will help with this. A Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in December is a sign of a fresh start, and a new understanding as you move into 2021.

Love and Romance

The first six months of 2020 could be tricky for an established relationship, Sagittarius with indications of potential illicit love affairs or something underhand going on. January’s Lunar Eclipse in your passion zone is the first hint of something hidden, and with Mars in your zodiac sign, there may be a highly intense and passionate, but ultimately risky, encounter. As much as you may want to be honest about something, Mercury’s Retrograde period in February falls in your family zone, and you may decide that silence is the best policy, even as Venus moves into your risk zone and ups the stakes still further.

Of course, you may not be doing anything illicit at all – but the planetary activity suggests that either the temptation (for you) or the suspicion (toward your partner) will be an issue. Take the opportunity in April to try to smooth things over a little, as Venus arrives in your love zone. This is important, because in May, Venus turns Retrograde, leaving words unspoken and feelings unexplored. At the same time, aggressive Mars shifts into your family zone, so any secrets could prove damaging.

Two eclipses in June signal a potential turning point in a relationship: The Lunar Eclipse is in your astrological sign, and deals with asserting your independence and identity, while the Solar Eclipse is in your passion zone – passion may be blinding you to reality. However, once Mars shifts into your dating and pleasure zone – where it’s set to stay for the rest of the year – you’ll start to breathe a sigh of relief. If you want to salvage an existing relationship, you can do so by rediscovering how you fell in love in the first place. If you don’t want to, or if you’re single, the astrology from this point onwards signifies plenty of potential for new love entering your life.

The middle part of the year is mostly dominated by financial concerns, but September finds Mars turning Retrograde in your dating zone. If you’re looking for love try not to look too hard – over eagerness will come across as desperation, which is so not a good look, Sagittarius! In an established relationship, September looks like a good time for a mini honeymoon or a romantic vacation, with Venus shifting into your travel zone.

During November, a Lunar Eclipse occurs in your love zone, and you may find this illuminating – after all you’ve been through this year, that could be the moment where you realize how much you’re in love after all. With Venus moving into your spiritual zone, this would be a good time to explore karmic and past life links with your lover.

The year draws to a close with a Solar Eclipse in your zodiac sign in December, which is a very positive sign of a brand-new beginning, in love as in other areas of life. You’re much clearer about who you are now, and with Venus moving into your own sign too, you’re very clear indeed about what you want from a lover and what you can offer in return.

Money and Career

The major Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 aims to get you to rethink your relationship with money, Sagittarius. Expect to find yourself challenged financially, but this challenge should lead to a new understanding about how much money you do and don’t need, and how much intangible value other things in your life have.

You can expect the financial high jinks to get underway promptly, with a Lunar Eclipse in your resource zone in January, followed immediately by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. A sudden unexpected bill could cause problems, or perhaps you’ve run out of time to pay off a debt. This is a highly stressful moment, Sagittarius, but it’s important to keep calm and get professional advice about your options. With Mars in your own sign, you’re driven to find a solution, which is great – but don’t overcomplicate it.

During February, Mars moves into your money zone, so you should find it relatively easy to increase your income to compensate for any problems – perhaps through lucrative side hustles, overtime or even taking another job. You have energy aplenty and you’re focusing on making cash – but during March, Mars conjuncts the Saturn-Pluto linkup, potentially with explosive results. Don’t allow your frustration to lead you into drastic action.

During April and May, first Pluto and then Jupiter turn Retrograde in your money zone, and this is when you’ll start to think about your finances in a more abstract way. Shift away from trying to get as much income as possible and think more about cutting back on needless expense or downsizing. In June, a Lunar Eclipse in your sign, and a Solar Eclipse in your resources zone will help you undertake a shift in lifestyle with less emphasis on materialism and consumerism. Mars arrives in your creativity zone in June and stays there for the rest of the year, so if you’ve always wanted to launch a creative business but have held back for fear of losing money, now is your chance to reassess your priorities and go for it.

During July, a series of oppositions from the Sun to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction make for difficult financial news, and you may struggle to make ends meet. However, astrology suggests that once Venus moves into your resources zone in August, you’ll have successfully taken a different approach and attitude toward money which will help a great deal. Avoid taking financial risks during August, though, as Mars is in square aspect to Saturn and Pluto. During the Mars Retrograde period starting in early September, you’ll learn that what you thought was a risk – taking a leap into a new business, for example – turns out to be much less perilous than keeping your old mindset would have been.

October and November are ambitious months in your career, Sagittarius, and you should be able to make progress toward an ultimate goal. And December’s Solar Eclipse in your own sign really sends you down a new road. With Jupiter arriving in your communication zone, your talents in sales, marketing, persuasion and PR could prove very lucrative for a new direction in 2021.


Make your health your top priority in 2021, Sagittarius, in order to cushion yourself from the difficult influences of three rare Saturn-Uranus squares, in February, June and December. Too much stress is a key factor in these astrological aspects, so remember your mental and psychological health too, as well as staying physically fit.

You’ll feel pressure start to mount in mid-January, when Mars squares up to Saturn and Jupiter squares up to Uranus. A Mars-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on January 20th may be a key factor, as this points towards a very tense situation, waiting to explode; this occurs in your health zone, but this zone of your chart also reflects day-to-day working concerns, so the underlying driver of your stress is likely to be at work. With Mercury turning retrograde in Aquarius at the end of January in your ‘busy’ zone, you arrive at mid-February’s Saturn-Uranus square already feeling a little cornered.

Fortunately, it looks as though your partner and family have your back in March and April. Determined Mars forms a trine to stabilizing Saturn from Gemini, your love zone, and then around a month later to generous Jupiter. Support is there if you reach out for it. However, financial pressure may add to your stress, particularly when the Sun squares Pluto in mid-April.

Jupiter enters Pisces and moves into your family zone in mid-May, and from then until June 20th, when it turns retrograde, you should find plenty of laughter, companionship and joy in those around you, which will help you to de-stress. However, the Lunar Eclipse in your own sign on May 26th is swiftly followed by a Solar Eclipse in your love zone on June 10th in Gemini – and this in turn is followed days later by the second Saturn-Uranus square. The work-related pressure you are under may start to challenge even the closest of your relationships around this time, Sagittarius.

Late July through September is the best period of the year for getting your career back under control, Sagittarius, so that you can earn your living without adversely impacting your mental or physical health. Between August 3rd and 11th, Venus in your career zone trines first Uranus in your everyday work zone and then Pluto in your money zone, suggesting that you can create changes to your working routines and structures that will enable you to breathe more easily. This is backed up by an energizing Mars-Pluto trine in early September. By October 18th, when Jupiter turns direct in the busiest area of your chart, you should be feeling stronger and finding peace of mind through meditation and spiritual pursuits too.

November 19th brings a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus in your health zone, Sagittarius, followed by the Solar Eclipse in your own sign on December 4th. These are likely to be major yearly decision points for you, as to whether you continue to put your health first or allow things to slip back out of control again. With Venus turning retrograde in your money zone over the holiday period, and a final reminder of what’s at stake from the third Saturn-Uranus square in this same period, you may safely conclude that you don’t need as much income as you thought you did and that you’d prefer to prioritize your health and sanity.

Love and Romance

With this year looking very busy and pressured workwise, it’s your closest relationships which look set to support and sustain you through bumpy patches, Sagittarius. Your love life looks set to continue much as normal through January and February, but once Venus shifts into Pisces and your family zone in late February, this loving support will become more evident, and more important, as you face the fallout from the first of the Saturn-Uranus squares.

Early March would be a very good time to take a stay-at-home break, if you can. Between the 11th and 14th, both the Sun and Venus conjunct compassionate Neptune in your home zone, making it the perfect de-stress retreat. If you’re single, Sagittarius, March is also a good time for dating. Passionate Mars shifts into Gemini, your love zone, early in the month, with Venus moving into your dating zone, Aries, later.

In May and June, however, the love picture gets a little more complex. With Venus moving into your love zone, and warm-hearted Jupiter arriving in your family zone, it looks stable enough on the surface. The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th, nonetheless, brings drama or a shock into your personal life, and with the ensuing Solar Eclipse on June 10th occurring in your love zone, it seems that relationships will be under stress during this period.

A trine from Mars to Neptune in late May hints at something hidden or deceptive being revealed, while the Mars-Pluto opposition in early June suggests that money, or a lack of it, or debt may be the root cause of any discord in love. This, of course, will increase the pressure you already feel regarding work, as the second of the Saturn-Uranus squares approaches in mid-June. The good news is that this is likely to be a catalyst for good in you taking back control of the work and health situation.

If you are single in September and October, there are hints that a friendship could turn into romance, particularly when passionate Mars shifts into Libra, your social zone in mid-September. Mercury turns retrograde here towards the beginning of October, however, so be careful about miscommunication and unintended offense if you are meeting new potential dates. Venus’ arrival in your own sign in early October will help you to charm your way into (and out of) trouble!

December’s Solar Eclipse occurs in Sagittarius, and this highlights issues of who you are and what you want from life, including in love. It’s a time for being grateful for a partner who has supported you, or for striking out on your own if you are single. Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn, your values zone on December 19th, so if you do start a new relationship around now, you will want to ensure that you are both on the same page over major, non-negotiable values and key issues in your life. Once Venus turns direct again on January 1st, 2022, you can look forward with confidence.

Money and Career

As mentioned, your everyday working life seems to be a source of pressure and stress during 2021, but that may well be because you are being successful – greater success comes with greater expectations, after all. There are lots of positive work, career and business-related astrological aspects ahead of you this year, it’s just a question of balancing these against the impact of stress on your mental and physical health.

You start the year with Mars in your everyday work zone, so you’ll definitely hit the ground running after the holiday period. You may be trying to drive change in your organization, but you’re hitting a lot of resistance. The core of the Saturn-Uranus square energy is that the status quo gets pitted against new innovation, and this is what you’ll be trying to navigate in mid-February when the square becomes exact for the first time.

There’s a sense moving into April that you may however be trying to run before you can walk with one particular business idea or project. When the Sun squares Pluto in mid-April, risk-taking could impact you financially, and a pet business project could be up against a loss. It’s important not to allow ego to get in the way of common sense. Wait for the Sun-Pluto trine in mid-May to find a way to resolve the situation.

The Lunar Eclipse at the end of May occurs in Sagittarius, together with the Solar Eclipse in your relationships zone on June 10th, suggests a shift in interpersonal relationships. This is most commonly seen with love relationships, but this zone of your chart also deals with business partnerships; if you run a business, negotiate partnerships or otherwise depend heavily on your interpersonal skills in business, you may see an impact there. The second Saturn-Uranus square in mid-June may pertain to this too.

July and August are positive times for work, career and business matters. A stabilizing Mars-Saturn opposition on July 1st helps you strike a balance between pushing the boundaries versus maintaining the status quo. With Venus and Mars both moving into Virgo and into your career zone in late July, you certainly have the tools to shake things up, fix the stress of your everyday working life and get things back on track. A very positive Mars-Pluto trine on September 6th also suggests an increase in income or a promotion.

Once Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius, your communications zone, on October 18th, you should become more adept at time management, effectively expanding the number of hours in your day and further decreasing your feelings of stress and overload. The Lunar Eclipse in your everyday work zone on November 19th highlights resistance to your new plans, but the Solar Eclipse in your own sign, Sagittarius, on December 4th will help you stand your ground. The final Saturn-Uranus square occurs during the holiday period and is bookended by two Venus-Pluto conjunctions, one when Venus is direct and one when Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn – these may be key moments for you to judge which you value more: your job or your quality of life.


This year, Sagittarius, you can expect to face challenges around responsibility, work and organization versus your desire to lose yourself in life’s deeper meanings. However, 2022 begins on a promising enough note, with an Aquarius Super New Moon in your money zone on January 2nd. Watch out for Mercury retrograde in this same area of your natal birth chart in late January, however, as you won’t be thinking clearly over money issues.

February 17th sees a Jupiter-Uranus sextile that empowers your sense of personal development and organization. You actually need more stability in life than you think you do, Sagittarius, and this aspect will help to anchor you. This is reinforced by the Pisces New Moon in your roots zone on March 2nd.

On March 18th, the Full Moon shines from your career zone and is the first hint that your career responsibilities are troubling you. When Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in your roots and family zone on April 12th, you have the chance to understand why stability is now so important to you. Two days later, Mars changes signs to highlight this area of your chart too, driving you to seek security.

However, the Solar Eclipse in your responsibilities zone on April 30th may bring feelings of being trapped. The Jupiter-Pluto sextile on May 3rd will help you to fight your urge to flee, but when your ruler Jupiter changes signs on May 10th, your inner risk-taker will come to the fore. On this same date, Mercury turns retrograde in your love zone, so you may struggle to communicate how you feel to your partner. The Lunar Eclipse in your spiritual zone on May 16th invites you to abandon the security you have built – but at what cost?

Look to the Super Full Moon in your own sign, Sagittarius, on June 14th for a return of confidence and a brighter mood. On July 28th, Jupiter turns retrograde in your risk zone, which will help you to feel calmer and more settled for a while – at least until a Pisces Full Moon in your roots zone on September 10th.

On October 5th, a tricky Mercury-Neptune opposition, which highlights your conflict between inner security and your need to succeed, is riled up by Mars in your love zone, hinting at family unease over your work-life balance.

When the Solar Eclipse hits your spiritual zone on October 25th, look for answers in your dreams or in synchronicity around you. Its partner Lunar Eclipse on November 8th is in your everyday work zone and could speak to a work-related crisis that clarifies your ambiguous feelings once and for all.

It’s a calmer end to the year, with the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd marking an optimistic fresh start. On December 20th, Jupiter changes sign back into Aries, your risk zone, but by now you will have worked out how to manage your restlessness while still fulfilling your responsibilities.

Love and Romance

With so much of this year’s energy focused on work-related restlessness, your love life is relatively calm and uneventful. There is a strong family focus in the first half of the year. The New Moon in this area of your natal birth chart on March 2nd is promising for a house move, a new addition to the family or a new attitude at home.

The magical Jupiter-Neptune astrological conjunction on April 12th is in your family zone too, Sagittarius, highlighting empathy, kindness, compassion and selfless love in what could be a very memorable family period for you.

Meanwhile, if you’re single, the New Moon in your dating zone on April 1st could be a fun experience, if rather short-lived. A more ongoing dating vibe is created on May 2nd when Venus changes signs to illuminate your dating activities, and even more so on May 10th when a major sign change by Jupiter brings much joy, fun and excitement to this part of your life. If you’re in an established relationship already, this influence can be very uplifting too – although watch out for Mercury turning retrograde in your love zone on the same day.

On May 24th, Mars gets in on the dating picture, increasing your passion and personal magnetism. A few days later, the New Moon in your love zone points towards happy memories or a significant new connection. The Super Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th is also a very positive factor for your love life, and a week later Venus shifts into your love zone too, cementing what is likely to be a very positive few months for romance.

The rest of the Northern Hemisphere summer months are calm and quiet in love, although when Mercury turns retrograde in your social zone on September 9th, you may briefly quarrel over social activities or friendships.

October is a more difficult month, Sagittarius. The tense Mercury-Neptune opposition on October 5th is in conflict with an angry Mars in your love zone, so arguments over your work-life balance are highly likely around this time. On October 30th, Mars turns retrograde in the love area of your natal birth chart, and will remain that way until the end of the year – this can indicate a somewhat passive-aggressive period in your love life, but on the plus side it does also mark the end of any outward hostility in your partnership.

When Venus changes signs into Sagittarius on November 16th, your charm will be off the scale, and this is a good time to repair any damage done by earlier arguments. The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd is also another opportunity for a truce, although the emotional Full Moon in your love zone on December 7th does show that there is still work to be done on that front.

Happily, your ruler Jupiter returns to your joy zone on December 20th, Sagittarius, so you can look forward to a very pleasant festive season and a positive end to the year.

Money and Career

2022 starts on a promising financial note, courtesy of the Aquarius Super New Moon in your money zone on January 2nd. Mars changes signs on the 24th to zero in on this area of your natal birth chart as well and, despite Mercury retrograde in this area for a while, you are highly motivated and seemingly doing well. Indeed, the combined efforts of Venus, Mars and Pluto in your money zone in early March point towards increased income and high expectations.

On March 18th, however, a Full Moon in your career zone may propel you into the spotlight in a very uncomfortable way, Sagittarius. You may find yourself answering for things that are not your fault. The New Moon in your risk zone on April 1st kick starts your restlessness, as you seek escape.

The rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th occurs in your roots zone, inspiring you to appreciate the stability you have created for yourself. However, the Solar Eclipse in your responsibilities zone on April 30th brings upheaval at work again, and you may start to feel trapped.

When Jupiter, your ruler, changes sign on May 10th, your restlessness will increase hugely and your urge to take chances will gather pace. When the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th hits your spiritual zone, you will want to seek a higher purpose, even if that means abandoning your work progress thus far. Mercury will be retrograde in your everyday work zone in late May, so you may struggle to explain how you feel or to stay motivated at work.

The Sagittarius Super Full Moon on June 14th could mark a turning point for sure. This is a confident and decisive influence. With Mars shifting into your responsibilities zone on July 5th you may find yourself increasingly impatient with colleagues and increasingly reckless about meeting other people’s expectations of you. The New Moon in your status zone on August 27th underlines your new way of thinking about your role.

On October 5th, your work-life balance comes under serious strain as a Mercury-Neptune opposition is tested by an angry Mars from your love zone. A few weeks later, the Solar Eclipse in your spiritual zone and its partner Lunar Eclipse in your responsibilities zone are another reminder of why you have been wanting to opt out.

Look to the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd for a fresh start. Venus arrives in your money zone on December 9th, hinting at festive over-spending, but on December 20th, Jupiter creates positive, joyful waves in Aries that confirm you’re on the right path. A New Moon in your money zone on December 23rd shows how you can be prosperous even after having adjusted your career path. With Mercury turning retrograde in this area of your natal birth chart on December 29th, however, you will need to start 2023 with some financial prudence in mind.


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    Hello, Ms Kelli Fox...good day to you 😊🌹 Thank you for the free astrology reading of my sign Cancer. Its fun reading it and very grateful of your kind heart sharing it for free. All the best to you and family. May you enjoy the gift of life and the gift bestowed on you by serving and sharing it to others. Best regards and continue serving with a smile in your heart.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Thank you so much Kelli Fox. Most appreciate what you do. Youre amazing and most accurate. I recommend everyone to use this.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Life is a blessing together with this powerful knowledge. I am getting closer to there everyday and I trust with all my heart. Loving how it's unfolding my life and to evolve. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Cached
    Aminath Masha
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli is amazing however i miss the daily aspects.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli always finds the balance between shadow and light to guide us in the best direction. She can see clearly through the maze of mathematics of Astrology, hold it all in her head and clearly describe what’s on the Astrological agenda for the following day, week, month and year.Cached
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