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During 2020, you’ll be called upon to work behind the scenes in many ways, Pisces. This could mean becoming less visible in your job. The major astrological event of the year, the unusual Saturn-Pluto conjunction, highlights the need to step back from the limelight to be of service in a more indirect way.

You will see this starting to happen almost immediately, with a Lunar Eclipse in your ego zone in January, swiftly followed by the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your impersonal zone. Mars is transiting your career area at this time, so it may come as something of a shock if you find your glory being stolen.

You may find this difficult to handle at first, and with February’s Mercury Retrograde in your sign, talking about your feelings won’t be easy, either. But in March, Saturn arrives in your privacy zone, so you’ll be quite glad of the chance to lead a slightly less public life. Mars arrives here too and impacts upon your spirituality, driving you to seek some answers. You can learn a lot through prayer or meditation during the first half of 2020.

Busy yourself with your family life in April and May, as Venus transits this area before turning Retrograde there. With Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn also Retrograde, it’s the ideal astrological chance to reflect and heal, instead of having to rush around leading a high-voltage lifestyle.

The quiet starts to evaporate once Mars arrives in Pisces, and the Solar Eclipse in June in your ego zone probably doesn’t pass off quietly. Mercury is Retrograde here too, so you may struggle to react to a snub or a work-related move with dignity. Hang in there, because a Lunar Eclipse in your public zone will shed more light on why it’s necessary for you to take a back seat. You will eventually understand. During July, though, you can expect to have a few angry or resentful moments as you settle into your new role – the Sun forms a series of oppositions to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that month, so anger is never far from the surface, especially around the time of the Lunar Eclipse in your impersonal zone.

September is when you’ll learn to value yourself for more than just your public role, Pisces, as indicated by Mars turning Retrograde in your values zone. At the same time, gentle Venus transits your everyday routine zone, helping you to settle down again. Expect a minor blip in November, during a Lunar Eclipse in your family zone, but it’s in December that the entire point of the year is really revealed: A Solar Eclipse in your career zone points toward a surprising or shocking new beginning. Unbeknownst to you, the energies of the year so far have been preparing you for this point. Jupiter is about to shift into your spiritual zone, so astrology suggests that you’ll come to understand that following a calling or a vocation is far more important than working in a role where there’s constant recognition and praise.

Love and Romance

Love mixes a lot with friendship this year, Pisces, whether that’s just you and your lover enjoying your social life, or a friend turning into something more special if you’re single. It could be a bumpy start to the year, though, with an early January Lunar Eclipse in your pleasure zone. If your relationship has become stale and boring, this could be the jolt you need to do something about it.

In February, passionate Mars moves into your social zone. If you’re single, start by looking for new friends rather than a new lover. This energy is all about shared interests and shared purpose, so you may meet someone at a political rally, a charity event or even a church.

May could be a tricky period for romance, with Pluto, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all Retrograde. With Mars in your sign, you’re probably coming across as more assertive or aggressive than normal, so watch out for arguments that don’t need to happen. This is especially likely in a new relationship, but an established one could go through a rocky and argumentative phase too.

Expect the unexpected in June, with a Solar Eclipse in your dating zone and Mercury Retrograde in that area too. Miscommunication is highly likely if you’re dating; if you’re in an established relationship, astrology suggests that you may be tempted to stray on the spur of the moment. Although it’s mostly related to your move into the background, July’s oppositions between the Sun and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction may also impact on your love life and your social life. There could be bad feelings if a friend does declare their love, but you’re not interested, so it’s very important to be tactful and respectful.

The tension doesn’t last long, and by August, Venus is transiting your pleasure zone, Pisces, promising many memorable moments in a relationship no matter if it’s old or new. This is the ideal time to have some fun!

October finds Venus in your romance zone and intriguingly, making a trine aspect to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which sits in your impersonal zone. This could be another moment where love and friendship collide, although this time with a much happier outcome.

In an established relationship, December could be a very meaningful month. With Jupiter moving into your spiritual zone, you may feel driven to examine the karmic links between you and your lover – this could be very illuminating and will take your relationship to the next level for sure. If you meet someone new in December, it will most likely be through an unexpected coincidence, or a happy accident of some kind. Once you have met, you may feel as though you’re linked through previous lives – and yes, Pisces, you could well be right!

Money and Career

2020 is a year when you’ll seem to be moving into the background, away from the acclaim that your current job offers and into more of a supporting role. However, this is not a step backwards, Pisces – far from it – and this year’s energies may well be about helping you find your true vocation.

You start the year with Mars transiting your career zone, so your ambition is strong, and you probably can’t imagine that changing. However, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your impersonal zone is starting to take effect. So, during February, as Venus moves through your values zone, you’ll probably find yourself questioning the purpose of what you do for a living.

In March, Saturn arrives in your spiritual zone and so does Mars. Another term for this astrology zone of your chart is the sacrifice zone, and that’s a hint about where your work life may be heading. Follow up any instincts you have for a caring, more altruistic role. Mars moves into your own sign in May, and so your ambitions will return, but most likely heading in this new direction.

During June, a Solar Eclipse in your ego zone and a Lunar Eclipse in your career zone both point toward this subtle shift of career interests – away from something individualistic and into a more demanding but arguably more important and satisfying role behind the scenes or in a support or caregiving role. This may even mean a temporary fall in income, but with Mars arriving in your money zone at the end of the month, you’ll be highly motivated to make up any shortfall through creative and ingenious side hustles.

Don’t be surprised if friends and family are not initially on board with a new career direction, especially in July. It really isn’t up to them, so don’t take criticism to heart. You may well not be fully convinced yourself, but it’s important to remember that it’s your decision alone, even if you feel that you have been semi-forced into this situation. Mars squares up to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in August, so one friend in particular may be heavily advising against where you’re headed. Follow your heart, Pisces.

Through fall (or spring – depending on your hemisphere) Mars spends some time Retrograde in your money zone, which is another indicator that your plans may lead to an income drop. However, in December, the Solar Eclipse in your career zone shows once and for all that you’re making the right decision. With Venus moving into your career zone and smoothing over any blips, things will go well. And as the year ends, Jupiter, the astrological bringer of good fortune, moves into your spiritual and sacrifice zone. If you do end up moving into a more vocation-like career, the signs are excellent that 2021 will bring you major satisfaction.


2021 is an important year in your spiritual growth, Pisces. In February, June and December, three incidences of a rare and powerful Saturn-Uranus square will play out in your astrology chart, activating your communication zone and your spirituality zone – in practical terms, this is about learning to fulfill your spiritual gifts by speaking or writing, learning or teaching on spiritual topics.

In January, you may feel very conscious of what others think, with the Sun and Venus both forming conjunctions to oppressive Pluto in Capricorn, your social zone. This may impact your self-confidence, and when Mercury turns retrograde in your secrecy zone at the end of January, it will be tempting to hide away. However, in the second week of February, Venus and Mercury both form conjunctions to Jupiter in Aquarius, your spiritual zone. This could be something of a revelation for you, revealing that you need to teach or express your spiritual knowledge. When the first Saturn-Uranus square becomes exact on February 17th, your initial efforts to do so may be misjudged, ignored or even ridiculed. Hang on in there. We’re not done yet.

The Lunar Eclipse on May 26th occurs in your career zone, however, and for a while your focus will switch to your career ambitions and your need to make a living. The Solar Eclipse on June 10th is in your family zone, reminding you of your responsibilities over and above your quest for spiritual growth. With Mars pushing into your work zone at the end of June, you will be able to work hard and make up for any lost time earlier in the year; Jupiter’s arrival in your own sign, Pisces, on June 13th will help too, but only until Jupiter turns retrograde on June 20th. The Mars-Saturn opposition on July 1st pits your everyday work against your spiritual urges, as does the Sun-Jupiter opposition on August 20th. Somehow, you will have to find a way to reconcile your career with your desire for spiritual growth.

It’s probably not until Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius, your spiritual zone, on October 18th that the fog will start to clear about this. With Mars moving into your philosophy zone on October 30th, you are set to learn more about your chosen spiritual path, and perhaps even about how you could forge a meaningful career in this area. However, the Lunar Eclipse in your communication zone on November 19th, followed swiftly by a Solar Eclipse in your career zone on December 4th, warns you not to push too far too fast, Pisces.

During the holiday period in late December, the Saturn-Uranus square becomes exact for the final time, and this time it’s likely to push you into action. Expect the holiday period to be a crucial time for you in deciding how to honor your spiritual path and how to lead, teach and innovate in this area. Jupiter settles into your own sign, Pisces – to stay for some while – in the last days of 2021 – a beautiful hint that, by then, you may be well on the way towards embodying your true spiritual path as a wisdom-sharer.

Love and Romance

It’s a relatively quiet year for your love life, but there are positive indications that your principal relationship will remain strong and supportive.

You’ll probably first feel the effects of this support in late March, when Mars trines Saturn in your spiritual zone, from your family zone, helping to remove obstacles and to fire up your enthusiasm for your chosen path. This is mirrored by a very helpful Mars-Jupiter trine in mid-April. Later in April, with Mars moving into your play zone, you will have opportunities to spice up an existing relationship or to rekindle the magic in a love affair which may have stagnated. The magical Mars-Neptune trine on May 31st is an example of a key date in your love life; the trine between Venus and Jupiter on June 3rd is another.

Be careful to balance your working life with your love life and family life during May and June, however. The Lunar Eclipse on May 26th is in your career zone and is followed by the Solar Eclipse on June 10th in your family zone. As supportive as your family may be, don’t make them second best in your priority list by spending too much time at work.

Late July sees both Venus and Mars start to move through the love zone of your chart, and this looks like a settled and happy period for an established relationship. If you are single and looking for love, mid-August could bring some interesting encounters when Venus shifts into Libra, your passion zone. However, the Mars-Neptune opposition on September 2nd adds an element of possible confusion or deception into your love life, so be very careful before you give someone new your full trust. Mercury turning retrograde in Libra, your passion zone, in late September is another potential warning sign for a new relationship – take it slowly, Pisces.

When Jupiter turns direct in your spiritual zone on October 18th, you’ll be very keen to share your beliefs and your discoveries with your partner. This would be a lovely time to explore the karmic links which bind you together, and to share your secret dreams and fantasies.

Moving into November, friendships and your social life look increasingly important, especially once Venus moves into Capricorn, your social zone, in early November. If you are single at this point, a friendship may become something more than just a friendship – but do watch out for the Lunar Eclipse in your acquaintances zone on November 19th. Sudden changes in interpersonal relationships may be tricky at this point. The ensuing Solar Eclipse in your career zone on December 4th may be a reminder that work-family balance issues still need ironing out.

Venus forms two conjunctions with compelling Pluto in December; one on the 11th and another on the 25th, having turned retrograde. Both of these occur in your social zone, so again, if you are single, there may be an admirer closer than you realized. However, don’t rush into anything. Jupiter is due to settle into your own sign on December 29th, and that is when your true inner confidence will start to shine.

Money and Career

There look to be quite a few training and development opportunities on the way for you in 2021, Pisces. The first is likely to come out of the blue around January 20th, when Mars conjuncts Uranus. However, your desire to pursue a more spiritual pathway is a concern for you throughout the year and the first Saturn-Uranus square on February 17th makes you second guess your need or desire for extra training or more qualifications.

A helpful Mars-Pluto trine opens your eyes wide on February 25th, however, and shows you that there is more than one way to work in a spiritual fashion. Conjunctions between first Venus and Uranus and then the Sun and Uranus in your learning zone in late April will also bring opportunities to learn and to grow, as will the Sun-Pluto trine on May 17th.

Nevertheless, it’s the Lunar Eclipse in your career zone on May 26th that really shakes things up. You may be dissatisfied with your career for all kinds of reasons, not just your underlying spiritual motives. However, the Solar Eclipse on June 10th occurs in your family zone and urges you not to take drastic action while you have family responsibilities. The second Saturn-Uranus square hits days later and increases your feeling of being trapped in your current job. With Mars starting to move through your everyday work zone, however, you’ll feel able to make some changes there which will help your job suit you much better.

Be careful with money and investments in late September, when Mercury turns retrograde in this area of your chart. You may be kidding yourself over something financial, and when the Sun conjuncts Mars here on October 8th, it’s important to avoid impulsive decisions.

More training opportunities start to appear in late October, when Mars shifts into your training zone. In November, you may feel that you’re being led even further away from your chosen path, especially on November 10th when Mars squares Saturn and November 15th when the Sun squares Jupiter. Not so. If you can run with the idea of training and more qualifications, do so – because the Lunar Eclipse in your learning zone on November 19th will show that this was the right thing to do. The swiftly following Solar Eclipse in your career zone on December 4th further underlines this. Change and upheaval are on the way but working in your favor, Pisces.

During the holiday period in late December, the final Saturn-Uranus square takes place, asking you yet again whether you are ready to embody your role as a spiritual teacher. With the changes and training you have experienced in your career thus far this year, you are likely to be in a position to say yes, at last. This is why, when Jupiter settles into your own sign of Pisces in the last few days of 2021, you should feel very inspired and optimistic about 2022.


Are you ready for a year of abundance, Pisces? This is set to be a joyful twelve months in astrology, with plenty of opportunities for growth and wisdom. Initially, the emphasis is on having fun and developing your social life. The Full Moon on January 17th is in your joy zone, and Mars shifts into Capricorn on January 24th - so focus your attention more fully on friendships as early 2022 looks lively and engaging.

In March, the focus shifts more inwards, starting with a Pisces New Moon on March 2nd and the arrival of Mars in Aquarius, the most spiritual and private zone of your natal birth chart. Although there is a romantic Full Moon in your love zone on March 18th, your attention will be on self-development and spirituality during this period. The rare and magical Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your own zodiac sign on April 12th is an especially insightful moment.

From April 14th you will feel more sociable again, particularly as Mars changes signs into Pisces. The Solar Eclipse on April 30th puts an emphasis on community connections, networking and your everyday connections with those you know. A few days later, Jupiter sextiles Pluto in a very constructive influence that brings out your community spirit and your humanitarian instincts.

Generous, bountiful Jupiter is firmly on your side this year, and never more so than when changing signs into Aries, your abundance zone, on May 10th. This brings you financial opportunities for sure, but also an abundance of whatever else you want or need in life, from health to friendship and love, all fully aligned with your most deeply held values. Look to the Lunar Eclipse on May 16th, which occurs in your travel zone, to see how you might share this abundance with the rest of the world.

July is a fun month for dating, if you’re single, as Venus moves into your dating zone on the 17th, although family matters may become tenser once argumentative Mars starts to dominate this area of your natal birth chart on August 20th. Fortunately, a sweet Libra New Moon in your love zone on August 27th smooths over any arguments, and by the time the Full Moon shines from Pisces on September 10th, happiness is restored.

It’s all change in late October, however. The Solar Eclipse on October 25th impacts your travel zone, perhaps curtailing your freedom in some way. Meanwhile, a few days later, Jupiter, now retrograde, moves backward into Pisces and finds you questioning whether you deserve your own good fortune. Mars turns retrograde in your stability zone on October 30th, further undermining you psychologically, and the Lunar Eclipse in your intelligence zone on November 8th ramps up the second-guessing and negative self-talk to epic levels.

This will be a stressful and awkward period, but an end is in sight. On November 23rd, Jupiter turns direct in Pisces and blesses you with an uplifted mood and great spiritual insight. You’ll feel calm and serene for several weeks, ahead of Jupiter’s re-entry into your abundance zone on December 20th.

Love and Romance

Early 2022 has fun and friendship as a focus theme, rather than romance per se. If you’re in an established relationship, January and February are great for socializing together with friends and for simply having a good time. If you’re single, passionate Mars arrives in your social zone on January 24th, which could hint at a relationship developing out of what was previously “just” a friendship.

Your social appetite will settle down in March, however, particularly following the 6th when both Mars and Venus change signs to focus on privacy, spirituality and serenity rather than socializing. Spend time alone or just with your lover – if you’re happily partnered, March 18th is a beautifully romantic Full Moon.

On April 12th, a rare conjunction between philosophical Jupiter and Neptune, your mystical ruling planet, finds you feeling ethereal, magical and slightly spaced out; you’ll love this influence, but it does make it hard for you to keep your feet on the ground. Fortunately, Mars arrives in Pisces a couple of days later to ground and reenergize you.

On May 10th, Jupiter makes a major sign change and starts to travel through the values zone of your natal birth chart. On the same day, Mercury turns retrograde in your family zone, so this is a time to focus on family and to ensure that all of you share the same values and priorities moving ahead. The New Moon in your family zone on May 30th will certainly help with this.

The Northern Hemisphere summer months are peaceful for your love life, with some truly magical moments – for example, the Libra New Moon in your love zone on August 27th and the arrival of Venus in your love zone on September 5th. The emotional and loving Pisces Full Moon on September 10th feels like a moment of celebration.

October has a trickier feel, however. On October 5th, a confusing and illusion-packed opposition between Mercury and your ruler Neptune crosses the romance areas of your natal birth chart and is further agitated by an impatient Mars in your family zone, so expect some misunderstandings or crossed wires.

On October 30th, Mars turns retrograde in the family zone of your natal birth chart and will remain so beyond the year's end, so astrology suggests that the Northern Hemisphere’s late fall months are not ideal for family restructuring, home moves or other important domestic matters.

The festive season does seem to be more promising though, with a sentimental Full Moon in your family zone on December 7th, and the arrival of Venus in Capricorn, your friendship zone, on December 9th. A happy December culminates in Jupiter changing signs once more, moving back into your values and abundance zone, bringing joy in its wake.

Money and Career

With generous Jupiter spending much of the year in the abundance zone of your natal birth chart, prosperity of all kinds is very likely this year. The first quarter of 2022 is relatively stable and quiet for money and business matters, however. Mars transits Aquarius, your privacy zone, from March 6th, indicating much busy work behind the scenes, but little turbulence on the surface.

That will start to change from April 1st when the New Moon in your money zone strikes new optimism about your situation. The intensely spiritual Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in your own sign on April 12th is inspirational, reminding you that abundance comes in many forms, and preventing you from becoming too materialistic.

Prosperity matters really start to pick up from May 10th, however, when Jupiter changes zodiac signs and arrives in your abundance zone and really starts to work on your behalf. Two weeks later on May 24th, Mars also enters this area of your natal birth chart, driving you forward and increasing your motivation to do well, financially.

Look to June 14th and the Sagittarius Super Full Moon in your career zone for some surprising news at work. At first glance, this may not seem to be in your favor, but what may be an ending could free you up to pursue more lucrative pursuits. Indeed, on July 28th Jupiter turns retrograde in your abundance zone, signaling a change of pace, at the same time that a New Moon shines from your routines zone, hinting that your circumstances at work are changing.

Astrology suggests it may be best to avoid major financial decisions in September, especially once Mercury turns retrograde on the 9th, crossing the investment area of your natal birth chart. Matters are not clear and you should seek expert advice where large sums of money are at stake. A potentially tricky Full Moon in your money zone on October 9th hints at buyer’s remorse or regret over financial decisions if care is not taken.

October 28th sees Jupiter, still retrograde, re-entering your own sign. For several weeks, your focus should be on gratitude and internal spiritual work rather than seeking to make money as such; this will lay a pathway towards Jupiter turning direct on November 23rd, on the same day as a Sagittarius New Moon in your career zone – at which point, you can start to make progress once more.

On December 20th, Jupiter will once again change zodiac signs and arrive back in your abundance zone, so you can be sure of seeing 2022 out in style. Gratitude work over the previous month is likely to have opened up all manner of opportunities for you as the year draws to a close, and this theme will continue into 2023 too, with everything to play for.


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    Life is a blessing together with this powerful knowledge. I am getting closer to there everyday and I trust with all my heart. Loving how it's unfolding my life and to evolve. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Cached
    Aminath Masha
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli is amazing however i miss the daily aspects.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli always finds the balance between shadow and light to guide us in the best direction. She can see clearly through the maze of mathematics of Astrology, hold it all in her head and clearly describe what’s on the Astrological agenda for the following day, week, month and year.Cached
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