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How stable are you feeling, Libra? Nice and secure? Good. But prepare to have that challenged to its core in 2020. The year’s major astrological event, a rare conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, rocks your home and family zone, signifying that big changes are on the way: Where you live, how you live, or the way your family dynamics operate. Ultimately these astrological changes will be positive, but it may not feel that way as they unfold, so you may be in for a bumpy ride.

The changes in your family life may find a root cause in career changes, as suggested by the Lunar Eclipse in January in your career zone, which is swiftly followed by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction becoming exact. Once Mercury turns Retrograde in your routines zone in February, and combative Mars arrives in your home zone, you may start to feel that change is inevitable.

In March, Saturn moves into your play zone, but so does Mars, and the conflict between seriousness versus impulsivity may underline that creatively, as well as in your leisure time, everything is being squeezed. Pluto turns Retrograde in your home zone in April, while Venus shifts into your adventure zone, so, Libra, it seems this is definitely a time to reconsider your home base – whether that’s moving home, renovating or simply seeking new pastures. You may find that your initial efforts are blocked, though, with Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all turning Retrograde in May. It may not be until a Solar Eclipse in your career zone in June that your astrological path becomes clear. If this does turn out to be a move or a shift in family dynamics connected to your career, it may get off to a rather sudden and rocky start.

Throughout July, the Sun makes a series of oppositions to the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio, highlighting conflict between your family life and your working life. There’s also a Lunar Eclipse in your family zone, so dramatic action may be required. In August, Venus shifts into your career zone, so you seem to have made your choice and prioritized your work life at that point – and once the choice is made, the uneasiness around your home life will start to settle down. Much to your relief, no doubt, as Libra doesn’t do conflict!

September’s astrology shows that it takes a while for new routines to become comfortable, with Mars turning Retrograde in your relationships zone, but with Venus in your social zone it’s a light-hearted time, following the stress of the past few months. Don’t be surprised if you still feel itchy feet though, even if you have already moved home, or are planning to – especially in November, when a Lunar Eclipse in your adventure zone urges you to see more of the world.

As 2020 draws to a close, Jupiter moves into your play zone and the stress starts to melt away. A promising Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in this area in late December sets you up to strongly enter 2021 from a more stable and secure base, and with a smile on your face.

Love and Romance

The expected upheaval in your family or home life will obviously have repercussions and reflections in your love life too, Libra. If you’re already in a relationship, the good news is that it appears to be strong enough to weather this storm. Despite the Saturn-Pluto conjunction already in force by mid-January, you start the year in a loving mood, and when Venus arrives in your relationships zone in February, that only gets stronger. Be careful that you address issues as they come up though, instead of glossing over them. A tricky square from Venus to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in late February hints that undercurrents of tension do exist.

If you’re single, the early part of the year is not an ideal time for meeting a new partner. With Saturn shifting into your dating zone in March, you may find that your social time is somewhat limited, in any case. In an established relationship, however, Venus’s arrival in your passion zone in March, and Mars’ entrance to your fun zone, suggest that a loving relationship is still going well, despite time constraints and external stress.

It’s probably during May, June and July that your love life will feel most of the tension. When Saturn turns Retrograde in your fun zone in May, love suddenly feels an awful lot like hard work, Libra. In June, Mars moves into your love zone, where it will stay for the rest of the year – this brings passion, but also temper and anger, so it’s a difficult transit to manage. The Sun’s opposition to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in July will further inflame tensions, as will July’s Lunar Eclipse in your family zone.

You may feel that you need to prioritize your job over your family life, especially in August, when Venus shifts into your career zone. To keep your sweetheart on board with this, Libra, be super-clear about why you’re doing it, and what benefits it will ultimately bring to you both. Venus opposes the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio during August, so good communication is definitely needed in order to keep things on an even keel.

The good news is that any tension in your love life should evaporate in September, when light-hearted and sociable Venus transits your social zone – it’s a great time for going out with friends and other couples or for getting involved in a joint community project. If you’re single, September is also one of the better months for seeking new love. Venus transits your spiritual zone in October, so it’s a quiet period of reflection, before arriving in your zodiac sign in late October, highlighting your romantic and sociable qualities.

There could be an astrological blip in mid-November when Venus squares up to the Saturn-Pluto mix once more, and accusations of selfishness may fly. However, the arrival of Jupiter in your fun zone in December will do a huge amount of good for your relationship and will help you to rediscover where the magic lies.

Money and Career

At various points in 2020, the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your home zone is opposed by planets transiting your career zone, so big career changes this year look likely to impact upon your home life – and vice versa. It all kicks off very early in the year with a Lunar Eclipse in your career zone in January, which probably starts you off asking questions about where you’re going and where you really ought to be heading, Libra.

Colleagues and/or your working conditions could become troublesome in February, and with Mercury Retrograde in your everyday work zone at that time, you’ll struggle to keep your temper or to assert yourself in getting what you need at work. When Saturn, together with Mars, moves into your risk zone in March, frustrations at work could easily boil over into other areas of your life. It’s as if you’re pushing to get ahead, but something else is pulling you back and preventing your progress. The astrology suggests that what’s needed is a complete rethink.

It’s in May, when Mars arrives in your everyday work zone, that you’ll find the energy and the motivation to start making necessary changes in your working life. A Solar Eclipse in June in your career zone may prompt dramatic or sudden action, but with Mercury Retrograde in your career zone then, you’ll need to think very carefully before making any major decisions. A Lunar Eclipse in your communication zone in June doesn’t help, so ensure that you’re very clear in what you say on this topic.

Conflict between your career and your family life is rife during July, when the Sun opposes the Saturn-Pluto combination and highlights your competing priorities. Libra hates conflict of any kind, but when Venus arrives in your career zone in August, you’ll find progress at work much easier – and the easier you can move ahead, the more the tension at home will drain away, so hang on in there.

Mercury turns Retrograde in your money and work zone in October, so there is still some frustration there on a day-to-day basis, but overall, the direction of your working life is solid. Watch out for some possible shady dealings though; seek expert advice before investing. Venus moves into your money zone in November, upping your love of luxury and encouraging quite a bit of spending – great if you can afford it, Libra, but avoid going into debt with holiday-related blowouts.

As 2020 draws to a close, your creativity is highlighted, and there are suggestions that you could make a move into a new, more creative career, or perhaps use some of your existing skills to create an exciting side hustle. Jupiter’s arrival in your creativity zone is what makes this possible in mid-December – potentially something very positive to explore in 2021.


During 2021, a major focus will be on your self-expression, Libra, which you may embody through your hobbies, your pastimes or even your wishes for your children. However, with three powerful, rare Saturn-Uranus squares set to come into force, you will need to battle some negativity or self-doubt; you may become particularly risk-averse this year. In Astrology, these squares also activate important love-related areas of your chart, which we’ll look at separately.

In January, squares between Mars and Saturn, and between Jupiter and Uranus, are laying the groundwork for conflict between how you want to express yourself and how circumstances confine you. Don’t be surprised if you feel anxious about family events or your future plans being beyond your total control. Once the first Saturn-Uranus square becomes exact on February 17th, you may feel trapped by circumstances, or overwhelmingly frustrated.

March brings a confidence boost, however, as Mars shifts into Gemini in your adventure zone, from where it trines stabilizing Saturn, helping to calm some anxieties. Mid-April may well bring creative good news too, as Mars trines Jupiter and expands your horizons. With both Venus and the Sun about to conjunct with unpredictable Uranus in your self-control zone, however, you may be your own worst enemy at times.

In mid-May, Jupiter moves into Pisces, your health zone, boosting your overall wellbeing as well as your self-esteem and your mental health. However, the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius in late May is in your communication zone, so watch out for your words being dramatically misinterpreted. This is quickly followed by a Solar Eclipse in Gemini, in your learning zone, and the second of the Saturn-Uranus squares: attempts to stretch your creative wings in June may be blocked or poorly received, but don’t lose heart, Libra.

During July and August, look for a good combination of healthy friendships and plenty of rest and alone time, both of which are likely to soothe and calm you. Friends may also be encouraging you to take a leap of faith, but something is still holding you back, as reflected in oppositions between Mars and Saturn in early July and the Sun and Jupiter in late August. Lots of self-reflection and meditation may help, with a Mars-Pluto trine in early September being particularly promising for accessing assistance from your own higher consciousness.

It’s in October that you can expect to make real progress with creativity and freedom. Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius, your creative and risk zone, on October 18th, followed by a lovely trine from Mars in your own sign, Libra, to Jupiter. The Lunar Eclipse in mid-November falls in your self-control zone and may mark a breakthrough in your approach to freedom; the following Solar Eclipse in your communication zone will help you get your point across.

The final Saturn-Uranus square occurs in the middle of the holiday period, when tensions may briefly resurface. However, once Jupiter enters Pisces and settles back into your health and everyday zone in the last days of 2021, you can expect an easier time ahead.

Love and Romance

In addition to their influence on your self-expression and willingness to take risks, Libra, the chart zones impacted by the three Saturn-Uranus squares of 2021 also relate to intimacy and passion, and to the flirtatious area of love such as dating or non-serious love affairs. Throughout 2021, you may struggle with issues of control and power in a relationship, or a new and intoxicating relationship may become a focal point in your life despite your better judgment. In an existing, settled relationship, these issues are likely to play out as a struggle between boredom versus a step too far.

These tensions first become evident in January, particularly around January 20th when impulsive Mars conjuncts shock planet Uranus in your intimacy zone. One week later, Venus conjuncts compulsive Pluto Capricorn, in your family zone – a reminder that your wider family life will be impacted throughout the year by the choices you make in love.

Just ahead of the first Saturn-Uranus square in February, Venus and Mercury both conjunct joyful Jupiter in your dating zone, in Aquarius, so this would be a prime time to meet someone new. However, an impetuous Mars-Pluto trine from your intimacy zone to your family zone warns of the dangers of moving too far, too fast. In mid-April, the Sun in your love zone, Aries, squares Pluto in your family zone, Capricorn, with another such warning – but with Venus in your passion zone at this point, you may be too involved to step back.

Fast forward into June and the second of the Saturn-Uranus square, and not much has changed. With Venus and Mars both moving into the friendship zone of your zodiac sign during June, however, it’s possible that friends may be a source of support in your love life – or that a friend may become something much more. Towards the end of July, when both Venus and Mars arrive in Virgo, your secrets zone, look out for anything illicit becoming more public, whether that suits you or not.

Venus is your ruling planet in astrology, so its arrival in your own zodiac sign, Libra, in mid-August is a stabilizing influence. The Mars-Pluto trine in early September is helpful for the impact your love life may be having on your family, and when Mars and the Sun in turn trine stabilizing Saturn from your own sign in late September, it might be possible for a love issue which has caused tumult to become more widely accepted. Watch out for saying more than you should once Mercury turns retrograde in your own sign, however, at the end of September.

Venus moves into Capricorn, your family zone, in early November, restoring peace and harmony – however, Venus turns retrograde here on December 19th. With the final Saturn-Uranus square occurring just days later, the drama of your love life may have one final twist over the holiday period. Stay calm: Venus is set to turn direct once more on January 1st, 2022, when you can look forward to a more settled period in love.

Money and Career

Much of your year is likely to be focused on love, the home, your children and family and on gaining confidence in your self-expression, Libra. However, it’s important to bear in mind that the major astrological events of the year – the three Saturn-Uranus trines – occur in areas of your chart which can also relate to risk-taking (including with money) and to investment, debt and similar money matters, so you could see some shakeups and surprises in how much money you owe, to whom, and how you can obtain more or pay back what you owe.

The first yearly Saturn-Uranus trine occurs in mid-February when both Venus and Mars are in your risk zone. Try to avoid gambling at this time and seek expert financial advice before making major decisions in business or otherwise. The Sun and spend-happy Venus both conjunct Neptune in your work zone in early March, so this is not a good time to take risks either – however, the Mars-Saturn trine on March 22nd could suggest progress or good ideas in a business or career connected to education or travel.

It’s not until late April, when Mars arrives in your career zone, that your attention will really be turned to your career. Imagination and soft skills can be put to excellent use on May 31st, when Mars trines Neptune – perhaps correcting or adjusting for potential communication mistakes made around the Lunar Eclipse on May 26th. May looks promising workwise for another reason too, with Jupiter arriving in your work zone on May 13th – between then and June 20th, when Jupiter turns retrograde, you should be able to make a lot of progress. The second Saturn-Uranus square occurs on June 14th but does not look like it impacts you a great deal workwise. With Venus in your career zone at that point, you may in any case be able to charm yourself out of any difficulties.

If you work with the public or are professionally involved in social or community issues, July and August could bring points of career tension. The Sun-Jupiter opposition on August 19th may feel particularly relevant if you are blocked from moving ahead with a creative idea in this regard. In late September, Mercury turns retrograde in your own sign, Libra, which traditionally suggests some communication issues in business.

Once Jupiter turns direct in your risk zone in mid-October, however, you may be well placed to push ahead with new business ideas, particularly in the creative industries. Look to the Lunar Eclipse in late November for issues with an investment; again, always seek expert advice. During the holiday period, the third and final Saturn-Uranus square may hint at reckless spending – however, in the last days of 2021, Jupiter is set to settle into your everyday work zone for an extended period, which is promising.


The year starts on a bright note with the Super New Moon in your family zone on January 2nd, which is an excellent time for a new start at home. When Mars moves into this area of your natal chart on January 24th, the time will be right for a house move or a major, positive shift in your domestic arrangements. Avoid signing major documents when Mercury is retrograde in your family zone in late January, however; wait until the messenger planet turns direct again on February 4th.

On February 17th, a very positive sextile between Jupiter and Uranus marks a good time to focus on your psychological wellbeing and mental health, Libra. Astrology suggests that, if you have been putting off seeking therapy, try it now.

The focus on your wellbeing continues into April, particularly when Jupiter conjuncts Neptune on the 12th, in a rare show of compassion and understanding. A couple of days later, Mars’ sign change brings this planet’s energy to bear on your health and wellness too, making this is a significant period for positive change and new, healthy habits. The Full Moon in your own zodiac sign, Libra, on April 16th will underline that it is time for change.

The Solar Eclipse in the psychology area of your natal chart on April 30th is a burst of energy you can use to change your mindset. Its partner Lunar Eclipse on May 16th may bring shocks and upheaval financially, but in the meantime, Jupiter’s significant sign change on May 10th brings light, love and luck to your emotional life.

The Northern Hemisphere summer months are a great time to continue progress towards your wellness goals, although do watch out for a highly emotionally charged Super Full Moon in your roots zone on July 13th.

When Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on September 9th, you may struggle to get your point across for a few weeks. The following day, September 10th, sees a Full Moon in the wellbeing area of your natal birth chart, so this could be an anxious or tense moment emotionally. Hang on in there. The Libra New Moon on September 25th will be a breath of fresh air.

October 25th sees a Solar Eclipse in your values zone, swiftly followed by a Lunar Eclipse in your psychology zone on November 8th. Life is shaken up by these Eclipses, and you may have to reevaluate your priorities; it’s important to stay calm.

December is a calming, healing month for you this year, not least because on December 20th Jupiter moves back in your love zone, having spent some time moving backward earlier in the year 2022. The burst of love and positivity this brings you is reflected in the happy New Moon in your family zone on December 23rd, which helps you to round out the year on an upbeat note.

Love and Romance

Much of your focus will be around shared values in your personal life this year, Libra, and you will want to make sure that your closest relationship is a meeting of ideals as well as hearts.

If you are single, February 1st has a New Moon in your dating zone, which is a promising time to meet someone new. On March 6th Venus and Mars both move into this area of your natal birth chart, illuminating either a brand-new relationship or a new spark in an existing love match. This is a great time for healing and rejuvenating a partnership and your efforts will be rewarded with the New Moon in your love zone on April 1st.

Astrology suggests that the Solar Eclipse in your passion zone on April 30th, however, may bring some shocks. This area of your natal birth chart reflects some of our darker instincts and urges, including infidelity and emotional manipulation, so anything illicit may come to light dramatically around this time.

Don’t despair. Just a couple of days later on May 2nd, Venus changes signs to zero in on your love zone, and a week after that, warm-hearted Jupiter takes up residence there too, in a joyful and uplifting vibe.

The Lunar Eclipse on May 16th is in your values zone and speaks to a potential mismatch idealistically between you and your lover. Try to reach a compromise if you can, or to accept that you can agree to disagree. You’ll be helped by the arrival of Mars in your passion zone on July 5th, which certainly ups the temperature and your motivation to fix your relationship. However, Jupiter turns retrograde in your love zone on July 28th, so what is not fixed by then may become more difficult to manage.

Communication difficulties surround the Mercury retrograde period in your own sign of the zodiac, Libra, from September 9th, but if you can hang on in there, the dust starts to settle around the time of the Libra New Moon on September 25th. Your ruling planet, loving Venus, also changes signs into Libra on the 29th, in a very hopeful boost to your romantic life.

The Northern Hemisphere fall months could be tricky, however. An emotional Full Moon in your love zone on October 9th could be a turning point, as could the Solar Eclipse in your values zone on October 25th. Its partner Lunar Eclipse, on November 8th, shakes up your passion zone once more and this time, something may have to give.

Fortunately, the signs are that you can look forward to a much more settled and peaceful festive season. On December 20th, joyful Jupiter moves back into your love zone again, promising a romantic and uplifting end to the year 2022.

Money and Career

With several Eclipses impacting the money areas of your natal birth chart this year, Libra, your financial life may be quite volatile. Career progress is likely to be steady though, helping to mitigate any monetary bumps.

Look to the Full Moon in your career zone on January 17th for events that push you into the spotlight, however unwillingly. A month later on February 17th, the sextile between Jupiter and Uranus is good for negotiating tricky relationships with colleagues; think outside the box to get the best out of others. The New Moon on March 2nd will show how far you have succeeded in this.

Mars’ zodiac sign change on March 6th brings out your bossy streak at work and may also push you into more financial risk-taking than you would normally tolerate. However, your skills as a leader are developing quickly – the rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on April 12th shows how you can lead others through empathy and kindness at work, as well as in your personal life.

April 30th sees a Solar Eclipse in the investment area of your natal birth chart, so you may receive a financial shock at that point. Its partner Lunar Eclipse in your money zone occurs on May 16th and together these Eclipses could shake things up considerably in terms of how much you earn, how much you owe and how you think about money.

The New Moon in your career zone on June 28th shows that new opportunities are on the horizon, and when Mars changes signs to focus on your investment zone on July 5th, you will feel driven to recoup any losses and to further boost your financial security.

Take care with any financial documents around September 9th when Mercury turns retrograde in your own zodiac sign, Libra, temporarily clouding your judgment. The following day, a Full Moon in your everyday work zone speaks to an emotional event that highlights just how much your identity is tied up with what you do for a living.

During the fall months in the Northern Hemisphere, don’t relinquish your focus on maintaining financial security. Venus’ arrival in your money zone on October 23rd may prompt some emotional overspending; that this is a very bad idea is highlighted just two days later during the Solar Eclipse in your money zone. You may find that you have taken two steps forward financially, but three steps back.

Prosperity planet Jupiter, retrograde at this point in the year, shifts backward compared to your natal birth chart, revisiting your everyday work zone from October 28th. This would be a good time to focus on the quality of your work, rather than on the money you receive for it.

When the Lunar Eclipse occurs in your investment zone on November 8th, one final financial surprise may have a positive sting in its tail, inviting you to take a very different approach to earning your living.


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    Life is a blessing together with this powerful knowledge. I am getting closer to there everyday and I trust with all my heart. Loving how it's unfolding my life and to evolve. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Cached
    Aminath Masha
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli is amazing however i miss the daily aspects.Cached
  • ★★★★★
    Kelli always finds the balance between shadow and light to guide us in the best direction. She can see clearly through the maze of mathematics of Astrology, hold it all in her head and clearly describe what’s on the Astrological agenda for the following day, week, month and year.Cached
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